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Intertwit.com has been busy drinking beer in July and this month was a very tough call for us to choose our favourite beer of the month.

Why? Well, we’ve been drinking fabulous Vocation beers! The Hebden Bridge Brewery really produces some very special product and we bought them in a Tesco of all places. Amazingly they’re in cans! Check these two out if you don’t believe us:

vocation2 vocation1

We’ve also been on a Beer Tour round London’s uber trendy Bermondsey Beer Mile. Look what we drunk there:

Brew By Numbers Belgian White Ale


and a whole stack of  stuff from Fourpure:


However, as Intertwit.com will have a full feature on the Bermondsey Beano trip shortly we decided that our July Beer of the Month is Church End Brewery’s Arthur’s Wit 6.0%. Well done lads!

ChurchEnd_Arthurs Wit

We’ve been drinking Church End stuff when ever we see them over the past few years and in particular we much admire the lovely Fallen Angel and the fabulous Vanilla Porter.

Arthur’s Wit is an example of what Church End brew so well –  a strong beer, full of flavour that gently caresses your pallete before slipping down ever so smoothly. Unlike many strong beers it’s not sweet or cloying but it is 6% so treat it with respect. We were only drinking halves so we could walk home in a straight line.

The Church End brewery is based near Nuneaton in Warwickshire so if you’re in the vicinity pay it a visit. And they’ve got their own tap. Sound good to us.
Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Deceptively pale.

Strength: Strong. Careful now. Wear elbow and knee pads.

Best time to drink it: After a few standard strength ales, get 3 halves of this down you.

If you must eat food with this: Scotch eggs and/or apple pie

Overall Rating: 8.2 (out of 10).


Other beer stuff here: Refreshments


August is going to be a great month for beer drinking – The Great British Beer Festival is on and Intertwit will be in attendance. Look out for us on Twitter – whatever that is. There’s a link somewhere on our home page.





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  • BobMunkee 2016-07-31

    A man got on a train with 6 doughnuts (custard variety, lightly dusted with sugar). When he got off the train he still had 6 doughnuts. The question is, what station did he get off at? Nuneaton of course!

    I am just thinking of starting a career in stand up comedy and that’s going to be my killer joke at the end of the set. I am available now for bookings.

    On the other I may just go to the pub looking for these beers you speak so highly of. Don’t know why because you’re normally wrong on most things I find Intertwit.com.



  • BingoCaracas 2016-07-31

    Beer in cans? Whatever next? I like especially the picture of the sad burgers behind the can of Vocation “Life and Death”. A metaphor for many things.


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