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We like puddings and custard and all that sort of thing so it’s no surprise to us why we like our November 2016 Beer of the Month so much…so we invite you to raise your dessert spoons in salute to…

Dark  Star Crème Brulee 5.9%

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A dark and luscious smooth stout brewed with vanilla and lactose sugar, Dark Star Crème Brulee is sweet, sticky, strong and just the thing to sip on as an after dinner beer. There’s caramel in here somewhere too, just not added with a blow torch. The only thing it’s missing might be a crème anglais top…that’s probably why we’re not brewers…

So dispense with your coffee and after-dinner mints this is what you want after your steak and kidney pudding. Careful though as at 5.9% it’s stronger than your average sherry trifle!

If you see any of the other Sussex-based Dark Star’s beers then get them down you with unseemly haste. They are all, without exception, great.


Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour:  Dark

Strength: 5.9% Strong. Careful.

Best time to drink it: After meals…maybe not breakfast

If you must eat food with this: Eat it after food. After.

Overall Rating: 8.4 (out of 10).

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