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I went to the crossroad, fell down on my knees

I went to the crossroad, fell down on my knees

Asked the Lord above “have mercy, now save poor Bob, if you please

When Robert Johnson went down to the crossroads in Clarksville Mississippi, legend has it he he sold his soul to devil in exchange for some enhanced guitar playing abilities. Fair enough.

If he’d been alive today he may have decided to go down to the Ilkley Brewery in West Yorkshire instead and have a pint of their excellent Crossroads West Coast IPA 5.4%. Why? Because it’s the final intertwit Beer of the Month for 2016! That’s why.

 Looks good doesn’t it.

A powerful drop at 5.4%, more than 2 of these might cause some hand \ eye \ leg co-ordination problems as the evening wears on. Big hop flavours from 5 different varieties give this pint a heady aroma and it has relatively big alcoholic taste so really you’ve no excuse for what you are getting yourself into. Overall though it’s a highly satisfying drink and typical of the excellence of the Ilkley Brewery outfit. If you see any of their beers out on your travels we suggest you sample them with unseemly haste.

Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour:  Pale

Strength: 5.4% Strong. Headachge territoryCareful.

Best time to drink it: New Years Eve. And then for the rest of the next year.

If you must eat food with this: Ham & Cheese Toasted Brevilles.

Overall Rating: 8.0 (out of 10).

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Well, it’s a been a good year for beer at Intertwit – here’s a reminder of our Beers of 2016

January: Milk 0%

February: Thornbridge Jaipur X Imperial Ale 10%

March: Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5%

April: Red Squirrel Redtail Citra – 4.6% / Crate  Brewery Stout 5.7%

May: Tiny Rebel Fubar 4.4%

June: Saltaire Trio Pale 4.4%

July: Church End Brewery Arthur’s Wit 6.0%

August: Salopian Brewery – all of them

September: Strands Brewery Elderflower Bitter 4.0%

October: Brewsters Decadence 4.4%

November: Dark  Star Crème Brulee 5.9%

December: Ilkley Crossroads 5.4%


More beer in 2017 for sure – January 2017 is going to be a killer pint…and definitely no milk!



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  • OnionTerror 2017-01-07

    Please can we have savoury beers featured in 2017 please.

    What about something that has been brewed with smoked and\or toasted onions?


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