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Anyone fancy a Danish? Of course you do. Flaky, buttery pastry encasing delightfully sweet fillings of apples, custard (natch), cinnamon and Dairy Milk chocolate. Of course you fancy one of them but that’s not what we mean. Do you fancy a Danish beer?

Well…no. That maybe the response of some of you familiar only with the Northampton brewed version of Carlsberg – an insipid, aluminium inspired fizzy disaster served up in countless hostelries up and down the UK.

Well, like the rest of the world, Danish beer (in common with its cusine) has been going through a revolution of late and if you’d been drinking what we were drinking a few weeks ago on a “research” trip to Copenhagen then you’d understand why Intertwit.com’s beer of the month for February 2017 comes from cutting edge Danish brewer, Mikkeller.

Mikeller San Diego Waves IPA 7.3%

It’s the one of the far left and this beer is simply delicious.

Pictured above (left to right):

Mikkeller San Diego Waves IPA 7.3%; Mikkeller San Diego Feel This Coffee IPA 7.3%; Mikeller San Diego Beer Geek Brunch Imperial Stout with Coffee 10.9%; Mikkeller Single Hop (can’t remember the rest and the barman’s head is in the way).

Waves is clean-tasting, fresh, modern, strong but sessionish. For us, modern brewing is encapsulated in this beer. Yes, it’s hoppy, yes it’s dry and yes it fruity. But nothing overpowers anything else. It is perfectly, perfectly balanced. And although it’s made in San Diego* it doesn’t follow the ridiculous US trend of rendering the beer undrinkable by over hopping or over bittering. We can’t say enough good things about it. Having said that all the other ones we tried in Mikkeller’s sublimely and ultra-Danish designed Copenhagen flagship bar were also top top tipples.

Click on the picture here to have a look at the beer menu!

*Ok, Mikkeller doesn’t actually brew in Denmark – they were what is known as a gypsy brewer, making their ales on any piece of kit they could get their hands on. Now they are a bit more static brewing in Belgium and California and some other places. Look at the website you’ll get the picture.


Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Pale biscuit like a rich tea

Strength: 7.3%. This was only served to us in 200ml glasses so you can have a few of these no problem

Best time to drink it: Payday

If you must eat food with this: This stuff


Beer sausage, cheese and pickles

Overall Rating: 9.1 (out of 10).

Other beer stuff here: Refreshments

On a side Copenhagen note, a trip to the Carlsberg brewery is a lot of fun – just make sure you get on a tasting session where there’s only 4 of you taking part. You get more beer and there is life beyond Northampton!

Tasting session at Carlsberg

Also worth visiting is the fabulous Warpigs beer & BBQ joint in the meatpacking district.

A joint venture between Mikkeller and USA Indiana based Three Floyds, a more interesting beer list you’ll be hard-pressed to find.

Warpigs Beer List

And they were playing Metallica’s Ride The Lightning & Master of Puppets when we visited so it was fairly close to perfection.

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