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April’s been a funny old month for weather hasn’t it? It’s been both flipping hot and flipping cold so we’ve been similarly confused when deciding what to choose for our Intertwit.com April 2017 Beer of The Month.

So that’s why we’ve decided on both a lovely stout and an ultra modern IPA for our April 2017 Beers of The Month. Yes that’s right. Two beers. By two very different brewers. First up is our stout…

St Austell Brewery – Mena Dhu Stout 4.5%

A stout you say? That Guinness black stuff thing that makes your stools go a funny colour if you drink too much of it??? Well if that’s your experience of stout go and seek out a bottle or a pint of Mena Dhu.

Menu Dhu – Black Hill in old Celtic that means.

A lovely smooth jet black pint with roasted coffee notes and a bit of oakiness to compliment the overall flavour, Mena Dhu is brewed with 6 different malt varieties including a smoked  barley. It’s not quite smoked to German Rauchbier (which tastes like liquid bacon) standards but it’s in there somewhere as well as liquorice root powder which adds to the overall subtlety and complexity of this stout.

St Austell may not be the trendiest of brewers but anyone who has run a brewery for the best part of 200 years must be doing something right. More power to them we say!

From Corwall, let’s travel all the way up to Aberdeenshire for our grapefruit infused IPA!

BrewDog – Elvis Juice 6.5%

BrewDog, are they the Wetherspoons that it’s OK to like? That may be a tad overstating things, Brewdog have 29 bars in the UK whereas JDW have nearly a 1000 outlets up and down the country, but who’s to say Brewdog’s success won’t go in a similar direction? They are certainly on an irresistible rise in 2017 and it’s no wonder when you consider the beer they brew is eminently drinkable and nearly always challenging. I say nearly because the lagery stuff they sell is well…lagery. Never mind, because there’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy including our joint April winner – Elvis Juice.

We don’t know why it’s called Elvis Juice either

Elvis Juice is part of their “Amplified” range and is a strong citrus IPA packed with grapefruit. We can imagine it’s not for everyone but we think it’s fantastic and delicious and downright brilliant. Smooth and bitter and so so zingily drinkable you forget that it’s 6.5%. It’s is quite simply what modern brewing is all about in the UK right now. Utterly fabulous. And although all the staff in their bars appear to have beards (is that part of the non-uniform?) you don’t have to have one to enjoy this bloody fabulous drink.

Well done everyone. Let’s have a lie down now.

More beer next month!


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  • BingoCaracas 2017-05-23

    I like Elvis Presley but fail to see his connection to grapefruit. However, this is a very pleasing beer.


  • BobMunkee 2017-05-23

    I’m to see that the Cornish have come to their senses and realised they can’t run an economy on pasties and clotted cream. Independence? We’d be dropping in Red Cross parcels within a week.

    Beer is a welcome addition.


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