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Let’s go drinking! Hurrah!

Let’s go to an industrial estate close to Millwall FC then!

Curbed your enthusiasm have we? Worry not. We’re going in the off-season and as long as you’re not wearing a West Ham or Chelsea shirt you’ll be fine. If you must wear something football related then Fisher Athletic is recommended.

Let’s resume the drinking theme. Recently the intertwit.com team went on a trip to the Bermondsey Beer Mile – a fun day out in South London walking between all these new fangled breweries such as Partizan, Brew By Numbers, Anspach & Hobday and the recipient of the June 2017 Beer of the Month – The Fourpure Brewing Co.


Juicebox Citrus IPA 5.9% – Fourpure Brewing Co.

Some Juicebox Citrus IPA

It’s summer so let’s have a fruit based cocktail! Or better still, let’s have a Juicebox Citrus IPA as it’s packed to the barrel with exotic flavours of mango, orange, papaya and the like. Wear a pair of shorts, expose your pasty and pale legs and drink it while watching the tennis. Fire up the bbq, burn your favourite meat products and nibble dutifully at the salad. Then order a pizza.

Whatever you do this Summer just make sure you grab yourself a can of this exotic, heady (it’s 5.9%) and refreshing beer. If you can get to South Bermondsey then sup it while it’s on draft. Because then you can try the other 15 beers that Fourpure have available. Go on, it’s looks enticing doesn’t it?

Taps of Beer

A wise man once told me in the bar of the now sadly departed Intrepid Fox in Soho that if you put lime in your drinks you won’t get a hangover.

Limehaus Kolsch 7.4%

Not sure that’s the case, but this Limehaus Kolsch is just the thing at 7.4% if you need that little shove off the cliff edge…a potent and excellent beer. Gorgeous.


Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Light and hazy

Strength: 5.9%. Dangerously quaffable.

Best time to drink it: We had it had at 11.50am so anytime after that.

If you must eat food with this: Strawberries and cream

Overall Rating: 8.4 (out of 10).

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