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While we will always endeavour to find top quality beers each month for all you intertwitters we also like to source our monthly winners from interesting pubs, breweries and wherever really. So imagine our surprise then that July’s Beer of the Month was found in a pub in the real ale oasis that is Enfield, North London.

The King’s Head in Enfield’s market square has been serving up questionable pints of ale for a while since it’s reopening few years ago so we’re happy to report that they may have finally found someone who understands how to look after a barrel of ale. Let’s hope it continues as July’s beer of the month was served how it deserves to be:

Wantsum Brewery – Montgomery 4.0%


A classic amber English style bitter which is actually brewed using exclusively American hops so we don’t know that works. What we do know that this beer is refreshing, hoppy and very moreish. We had five the other day before we knew what happened.

Wantsum are new to us, but this Canterbury brewery is already SIBA award winning so they appear to know what they are doing and their beers all have a Kentish theme. Montgomery is named after the SS Richard Montgomery, an American cargo ship, which sank off the Sheerness coast in 1944 packed with over 7000 tonnes of explosives. The wreck still sticks out of the water half submerged but it’s either considered safe enough to leave alone or too dangerous to touch. Safe to say, if it does go up, half of Sheerness will go with it. Best not to think about it we say and have a pint.

August’s Beer of the Month will be chosen from the Great British Beer Festival…so keep watching!

Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Amber to brown

Strength: 4.0%. Session heaven.

Best time to drink it: Any bloody time

If you must eat food with this: Nuts. Ordinary salted nuts.

Overall Rating: 7.5 (out of 10).

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