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Last August we went to the Great British Beer Festival at London’s Olympia.

This August we did the same…

We don’t know how many beers we had to be honest as we had trouble counting after a while but we did remember to write some of favourites on a piece of paper so we could choose the intertwit.com Beer of The Month for August 2017!

Here’s our top 3…or 4

4)  Burning Sky \ Harveys Anglezarke IPA 6.66%

A devilish collaboration of the old and new worlds of Sussex brewing made with old and new hop varieties. It was strong and moreish and we had to restrain ourselves from drinking more than a pint. Brewed in memory of a local CAMRA stalwart, Ruth Anglezarke, who must have been a big Iron Maiden fan if the ABV is anything to go by…

3)  Heavy Industry Nelson’s Eye NZ Pale Ale 4.4%

We absolutely loved Heavy Industry’s “77” last year at the GBBF and the Denbighshire crew appear to go from strength to strength. Their two finalists in CAMRA’s beer of the year were both great but we slightly preferred the stronger Nelson’s Eye brewed with the Nelson Sauvin hop. Pale, citrusy and bitter. Smashing.

It’s a pity we only see Heavy Industry at the GBBF, perhaps a visit to North Wales is in order??

2)  Tiny Rebel Mojito Sour 3.5%

Like drinking a can of Top Deck shandy with peppermint running through the back of it. Absolute genius.

This divided opinion with some people we know not being able to drink it. We quite frankly loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Someone give these guys a medal.

1)  Salopian Automaton 7.0%

We’ve featured these guys from Salopian before at Intertwit.com and we make no apology for doing so again. This ridiculously drinkable strong ale was by far and away our favourite beer of the festival and not just because you only need 2 pints of it before going home to bed.

It’s clean, refreshing, packed with fruitiness and a downright tasty strong beer.

See it, buy it, drink it.

Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Dark honey

Strength: 7.0%. Lordy.

Best time to drink it: Having cleared your calendar for the rest of the day.

If you must eat food with this: Pies, plenty of pies.

Overall Rating: 8.8 (out of 10).

Other beer stuff here: Refreshments


We’ll be back at the Great British Beer Festival in 2018!


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  • BingoCaracas 2017-10-07

    I used to like Top Deck shandy as well.

    Please can you review all (yes all of them) of the shandies currently available for purchase in the UK.



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