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In the course of our travels to find you quality beer to drink we also come across some nice people. Like the time we were at the Great British Beer Festival back in August and we got speaking to a chap who was working in the European Beer Section. This gentleman, who may have been Dutch but whose name we temporarily forget, just happened to be an international beer judge and had just flown into London having just been at a Helsinki beer competition.

He’d been judging beer.

After a few days working behind the bar at the GBBF he was then off to Munich for a spot more judging.

Judging of beer.

While we were reeling from this unlikely and quite frankly unbelievable line of work (well just how do you land a job like this and where does the flipping queue start????) we obviously thought that this chap was likely to know a thing or two about beer. So we asked:

“Hey Mr International Beer Judge, you must know a thing or two about beer. What do you recommend we should be drinking from all these fine European beers?

and he answered:

Nou, mijnheer Intertwit, je zou waarschijnlijk dit fijne en opwindende bier uit Malta moeten proberen. En je zou het waarschijnlijk uw bier van de maand moeten maken!”

which (if your Dutch is not as fluent as ours) translates as:

Well Mr Intertwit, you should probably try this very fine and exciting beer from Malta. And you should probably make it your Beer of The Month.

So we did and here it is:

Lord Chambray Flinders Rose Gose 4.2%


Read this! It tells you everything!

Gose is a largely forgotten sour style of beer originating from Goslar in Germany – don’t confuse it with the Belgian Gueuze although there are some similarities in they both begin with G. Gose is coming back into fashion thanks largely to the all consuming craft beer revolution which at time of writing has still not reached critical mass.

Most modern UK goses that we’ve tried tend to be very, very, very sour similar to the way that some American IPA’s are bitter and hopped to buggery in some misguided macho attempt attempt to make them undrinkable. Despite that we like a gose here at intertwit although you can’t drink more than 2 or 3 without your mouth puckering inside itself as if your ham sandwich had been laced with an ounce of sherbet.

The Lord Chambray Flinders Rose Gose however bucks this modern trend and is an altogether more subtle and softer drop which for us makes the whole experience of drinking it eminently more pleasurable. Hints of salt dance on the palate but it’s in totally in balance with the floral aspect of the caper flowers that are added to this brew. Balance is the key word with this beer so don’t be put off by all the things that are going on in the bottle. Be put off by the fact that you can only get this beer in Malta or at large European beer festivals.┬áThat’s a shame as Mr International Beer Judge introduced us to the Lord Chambray Head chap who was also 1) working behind the bar and 2) a very nice chap and 3) may have been called Samuele.

So there you go, nice people , smashing beer. What could be better?

Intertwit Tasting Notes:

Beer Colour: Pale and hazy

Strength: 4.2%. Subtle

Best time to drink it: Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner

If you must eat food with this: Lemon sherbets

Overall Rating: 8.0 (out of 10).

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